Membership Update

Due to the outstanding effort of numerous volunteers during our Membership Drive this past summer, we have increased our membership by 108%!!! Thanks to everyone who has joined or renewed…….your dues are critical to our success!
2022 MEMBERSHIP: 58 paid members
2023 MEMBERSHIP: 121 paid members


It is with great sadness we commemorate the passing of Bill Vukich. Billy has done so much for our organization, our lakes and our community over the years that it is hard to imagine the SCLA without him. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Vukich family during this difficult time. Rest in Peace Billy.

Community Crime Statistics (Past 12 Months)

Although not specifically related to our mission of protecting and improving our lakes, the posting of the following crime statistics in our area creates awareness of local crime.
Itasca County Statistics
St. Louis County Statistics

Upcoming Events

SPRING FISH STOCKING : Details to Follow

SCLA BOARD MEETING: December Meeting (Date to be Determined).

North St. Louis SWCD is seeking (2) Watercraft Inspector Supervisors for the 2024 Aquatic Invasive Species Program. Apply by 2/19/24. Click here for details.

The Sturgeon Chain Lake Association (SCLA) was established in 1999 with the original goals of protecting and improving the health of the lakes and rivers within the boundaries of the Association and enhancing the outdoor experience for everyone who shares it, today and well into the future.

Fist Stocking Fundraiser: The SCLA is seeking individual donations to purchase walleye fingerlings this coming spring (2023). For details on this effort, please CLICK HERE. To donate, please CLICK HERE.

Today, our non-profit continues to support this original vision/mission, working on many initiatives that affect our lakes, rivers, and community.

The current programs of priority include:

  • Aquatic Invasive Species Control
  • Fisheries Management
  • Water Quality, Clarity, and Health
  • Channel & Landing
  • Maintenance
  • Static Dam Levels & Maintenance
  • Community Infrastructure Management


  • French & Bearville Townships
  • South Sturgeon Lake
  • Big Sturgeon Lake
  • Side Lake
  • Little Sturgeon Lake
  • Beatrice Lake
  • West Sturgeon Lake
  • Perch Lake


  • Fish Stocking Fundraiser – Aluminum can collection at the French Township Fire Station
  • South Sturgeon Channel Clearing

The success of our organization and programs depends on the support of our members, both in membership dues and volunteer opportunities, so please consider joining today!

We accomplish more by working together!